Mon. Sep 21st, 2020


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Liverpool Are Champions Of The English Premier League For The First Time In 30 Years.

Liverpool has won the English premier league today. They needed Chelsea to get at least one point for them to be declared champions and Frank Lampard didn’t fail. He beat Pep 2-1 to push his claim for the top 4 and also to hand Liverpool the title.

It was a very interesting match from start to finish and it took a penalty kick for Chelsea to claim all 3 points.

The reds have always been close to winning the trophy but this time, they did it.

It’s a record-breaking season for Liverpool as they won the trophy with a record 23 points clear. No team has done that in the past.

They have 28 wins out of 31 games. They had only one loss which was against Watford back in February at Vicarage Road. Liverpool has a goal difference of 49 goals this season. Klopp’s men won the trophy breaking several records.


Liverpool for life.

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