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NEWS George Floyd: Australian Prime Minister calls for punishment for protesters

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has called for punishment for those that participated in the black-lives-matters protests.

He said the protesters should be punished for ignoring COVID-19 lockdown rules.

The Prime Minister also sparked anger on Thursday, when he claimed that slavery never existed in Australia.

Following the cruel killing of a black American, George Floyd tens of thousands of Australians joined the protests in their home country and in the United States.

Critics believe that the protests, which escalated to different cities of the world, will spike the cases of Coronavirus.

Morrison said the protesters have made a mess of the social-distancing rules and hampered the lifting of a coronavirus shutdown and endangered the economy.

In a radio interview on Thursday, the PM was asked if demonstrators should be charged, he said: “I think they should,” according to CBS.

“I think people wanting to take this further this weekend are showing great disrespect to their fellow Australians.”

This was after Victoria State announced that one of the demonstrators in Melbourne City had tested positive for COVID-19.

Morrison added that “while slave ships continued to travel around the world, when Australia was established, yes sure, it was a pretty brutal settlement… but there was no slavery in Australia.”

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