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SPORT EPL: Likely resumption month for Premier League revealed

The English Premier League may return to action in early June 2020, according to Mirror UK.

It no longer looks likely that the season will be scrapped and declared void.

However, there is still plenty to sort out before it can resume.

This was the discussion when representatives from the league met on Friday in one of their regular meetings with the government to discuss a restart once the national lockdown is lifted.

Clubs in the top flight are ready to install COVID-19 testing machines as they step up preparations to return.

The testing machines will be used at training grounds daily to check the health of players.

Many Premier League teams are expecting to be back in training next month.

Some clubs have informed their players to prepare for a mid-May return, with a mini ‘two or three week’ pre-season to get back up to speed.

The league management is looking at cramming all remaining fixtures into a five-week period, starting as early as June.

The newspaper further reported that the most likely scenario is to play games behind closed doors, with Sky and BT Sports airing all games live.

Supporters may not be allowed into stadiums for the rest of the year.

Their next meeting comes up on Friday, April 17 and they will hope to further discuss a return there.

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